Rental market update - Spring 2012

About 5 years ago, private rental homes accounted for just 15% of all homes … this has now risen to 25% of all homes as calculated this year. This however isn’t surprising, many buyers are finding getting onto the property ladder difficult due to the pressures of raising the initial deposit and lender’s tightening their belts, therefore many are forced into the private rental sector and in turn driving up the demand of affordable rental property in many areas.

These days renting is not so much of a short term plan, many of our Landlords have reported that their tenants are choosing continue renting their properties for a number of years rather than just the initial 6 month or 12 month term we saw a few years ago this, in itself, is adding to the rental property shortage. In addition, some of our Landlords are achieving higher asking rents for their ‘in demand’ properties with many boasting as much as a 5% increase on last year’s figures. Landlords however must remain competitive, even in this strong market, if there’s a property being marketed in an area with several other similar properties also available the property must be well presented and maintained with a competitive rent to attract prospective tenants to theirs before they look at others.

At RH & RW Clutton we have an extensive knowledge of areas throughout Kent, Surrey and Sussex with many different types and styles of properties and with our experienced and professionally qualified staff Landlords can be confident that they are getting the best possible service from us in the letting of their property. We offer Introductory only services and Management services at competitive rates, if you would like one of our Agents to visit you for a free rental appraisal please contact Sam Benson at our East Grinstead Office.

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