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John Clutton - First President of the RICS

Tue 11 October 2022

Whilst the exact starting date of the Company is unknown, RH & RW Clutton dates back many, many years when William Clutton (b. 1740), who started as an apprentice to a Mr Robert Chatfield and later son-in-law, took over the family business in 1775 changing its name to William Clutton, and developed a prosperous country and land agents business in Uckfield.

Fast forward to today, and a picture restorer, who also happens to be a client of RH & RW Clutton, recently visited the RICS to give a portrait a wash and brush up. That portrait was of John Clutton, who is a grandson of William Clutton who joined the firm and was a partner of what by then had become William Clutton and Sons, between 1827 and 1851. John was also the first president of the RICS, which is why his portrait is there. Our client saw the name and made the connection and kindly took a photo. We are proud of our Clutton historical connection to RICS and very pleased John Clutton’s portrait is being looked after so well.

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