Covid-19 Update July 2021

Although Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, RH & RW Clutton is following property industry’s guidance and we will be continuing with our strict Health and Safety guidelines keeping our staff, our clients and visitors safe using social distancing measures, wearing masks (and asking visitors to our offices and carrying out property viewings to continue to wear masks), as well as sanitising hands for meetings, property viewings and maintenance visits.

Our offices are operating as usual and you can contact us as normal and our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to help. Our contact details are as follows:

You will also be able to find contact details for each of our staff members on our website: here

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Property occupation is governed by a complex combination of the contractual terms in leases, the surrounding legislative framework and case law. All of which can prove to be something of a minefield.  If you want to be certain that you’re protecting your interests come rent review or lease renewal time, why not take advantage of our track record of making sure our clients are receiving the maximum benefit from their property assets and interests?


Tenants need to know they are getting fair and reasonable value for money.  Landlords need to safeguard income and enhance asset values. We can help landlords and tenants by exploring:

  • Achieving financial incentives within a lease renewal process through proactive approaches to either party

  • Enhancing investment value by extending landlords’ income streams through tenant dialogue

  • Securing occupier rent and lease concessions to improve cash flow where there are tenant break options

  • Extending length of lease terms to match revised business requirements or redevelopment plans

  • Varying user or alienation covenants