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Selling a property ‘Off Market’, also known as ‘Quiet Marketing’ or ‘Discreet Marketing’ is an option for some property sellers and an area where we have been particularly successful in recent years.

Off Market can give a vendor the opportunity of selling discreetly and privately with a limited amount of upheaval.  We have a very strong applicant base and find that offering a property ‘Off Market’ often focusses the mind of a buyer, as they see the benefit of considering a property that only a handful of others are being offered.  Also, our close links with the most active buying agents and property search agents also gives us further access to ready, willing and able purchasers.  This can often lead to a very good price being achieved.  It can also give a vendor the breathing space to find an alternative property.  

Some clients use this method as a way of ‘testing’ the market prior to going on the open market.  We often consider a different fee structure when selling a property that has only been quietly on the market, so do contact Peter Hughes in our Petworth Office or James Tillard in our East Grinstead Office to discuss your individual requirements.

"A pleasure to deal with, found our perfect house (off market). Nothing was too much trouble."