Covid-19 Update July 2021

Although Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, RH & RW Clutton is following property industry’s guidance and we will be continuing with our strict Health and Safety guidelines keeping our staff, our clients and visitors safe using social distancing measures, wearing masks (and asking visitors to our offices and carrying out property viewings to continue to wear masks), as well as sanitising hands for meetings, property viewings and maintenance visits.

Our offices are operating as usual and you can contact us as normal and our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to help. Our contact details are as follows:

You will also be able to find contact details for each of our staff members on our website: here

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Many farms and estates have an involvement with country sports whether that be game shooting, stalking or fishing. We can assist and advise on all types of sporting activities.

We are experienced in putting into place leases and licences for game shooting from small scale rough shooting up to commercial driven days. At a larger scale we can assist with the operation and management of commercial shoots including employment and payroll. We can also advise on the interaction of a shoot with ongoing woodland and farming operations and potential opportunities available, such as through Countryside Stewardship or other grants.

The prevalence of deer in the South East of England can present an opportunity to generate income from stalking, whilst in some cases greater control measures may be required.

Should you have any river or lakes on your land we can advise on their potential for fishing or assist with the production of agreements with third parties.

Contact Nic Burchell ( for more information on Sporting matters.