Covid-19 Update July 2021

Although Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, RH & RW Clutton is following property industry’s guidance and we will be continuing with our strict Health and Safety guidelines keeping our staff, our clients and visitors safe using social distancing measures, wearing masks (and asking visitors to our offices and carrying out property viewings to continue to wear masks), as well as sanitising hands for meetings, property viewings and maintenance visits.

Our offices are operating as usual and you can contact us as normal and our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to help. Our contact details are as follows:

You will also be able to find contact details for each of our staff members on our website: here

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Whether you are a home owner or run a rural enterprise and aim to diversify you cannot get away from the requirement to deal with the local planning authority.  You may need to establish what qualifies as permitted development or want to convert buildings to other uses or to understand the requirements of listed building consent, or to secure a valuable planning consent on land for residential, commercial or renewable energy. At RH & RW Clutton we are here to assist.  As we move ahead with planning policy and are now governed by the new National Planning Policy Framework, we are keen to share with clients our considerable expertise in the area of Town & County Planning.


We act for many clients who have benefitted from development on their land and assist in identifying opportunities, advising on the options, where appropriate promoting land in the Local Plan and in Neighbourhood Plans, and in other cases securing long and short term agreements with third party developers under conditional sales, options and promotion agreements. We have experience at both large and small scale, and are willing and able to assist land owners secure the best outcome. We currently manage several hundred acres of development land under a range of different agreements with developers, ensuring a smooth path to consent and also act as Agents in the marketing and sale of development land.

Please contact Ben Lee at for more information.