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Fri 19 June 2020

After a busy time completing Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) applications for many clients, our professionals in the RH & RW Clutton rural team are now advising clients on tree planting schemes with support from the Woodland Carbon Guarantee. This new funding mechanism offers income from woodlands over a period, in addition to planting grants. It can make good sense to plant trees on poorer quality soils where no other alternative enterprises are available or viable.

We have been undertaking Probate valuations for families affected by the Covid crisis: we do this with proper attention to biosecurity and Covid protection in accordance with guidelines and with our usual sensitivity to those who have lost loved ones. Other valuations for purchase, sale and rent review of all kinds of property have been undertaken – from 500 acre Grade 1 fenland farms to family houses and small woods in the South East,  and from rural offices to high street shops our Registered Valuers are pleased to help.

We have been involved in planning applications, with work ongoing on Option and Promotion Agreements and with applications for alternative use of buildings of all types. We have been advising clients on action required in relation to their Local Plans, many of which are calling for new sites to be identified. We are even-handed in our approach and have been happy to assist clients with formal Objections to some development proposals (where we have no conflict of interest) – the latest being a serious objection to a static caravan site for 157 units adjacent to a client’s property.

We have been advising clients (as part of a team of professionals) on tax planning: the reduction in reliefs available for farmhouses under Agricultural Property Relief is a growing problem for many farming families. In other  situations we are supporting accountants and solicitors with valuations of different options for tax planning purposes. We find that team working (with a close eye on professional costs) often brings better solutions than a single individual adviser.

We have many approaches from solar farm developers, which have arisen owing to the significant fall in the costs of solar panels which now means large scale (over 50 acres) projects can make financial sense without subsidy. We have advised clients on the best terms that can be achieved and helped them avoid some of the bear traps that can afflict the inexperienced. If you have been approached please contact Oliver Harwood in the RH & RW Clutton renewables team for guidance.

We have been pleased to note that Government has extended the deadline for completing Anaerobic Digestion plans out to 31 March 2022, which means that new projects – with access to cheap feedstocks – are now again feasible. Please contact Oliver Harwood if you think you may be in this position.

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