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Agricultural Tenancies

We manage many thousands of acres of agricultural land throughout the South and East of the country. A large proportion of the land is let on tenancies governed by the Agricultural Holdings Act or the Agricultural Tenancies Act legislation. We have considerable knowledge of the requirements of these Acts in relation to succession issues, rent review, and the service of notices. We also deal extensively with agricultural rent reviews and arbitration.

Compulsory Purchase

As a land owner or occupier you may well be subject to approaches from utility companies or a statutory authority for the installation of infrastructure or a requirement for land under their compulsory powers. We have negotiated compensation on behalf of clients in connection with schemes involving installations on land and also acquisitions of land for a wide range of developments. We understand the complexities of these situations and can ensure that your best interests are protected, generally at very little cost to yourself.

Easements and Wayleaves

Pylons, gas pipelines, and rights of way - the ownership of land or property can involve the requirement for a third party, be it a private individual or a statutory body to pass over, on or under your land.  This can result in payments for these legal rights and we can advise you on these aspects. We have also helped clients address claims by third parties for lost rights of way.

Environmental Schemes

The Government put in place a number of schemes from the, now closed, Countryside Stewardship Scheme to the Higher Level Scheme. These ensure that features of environmental interest are protected and enhanced. Such schemes provide a valuable source of income to land owners and farmers and we can provide advice on the suitability of land for inclusion in these schemes and the management of existing agreements.

Expert Witness

There will be occasions where there is a requirement for an expert in the property world to give advice at formal hearings in matrimonial or neighbourhood disputes or in other contexts. We have a track record of successfully representing our client’s interests in these sorts of matters.

Farm Business Consultancy

The requirement to improve returns on your farming operation in the light of Brexit and the changes proposed in farm support mean that outside expertise can be crucial. We are able to give advice on farming structures and restructuring, taking account of tax and valuation implications. We are pleased to deal with the submission of returns for Single Farm Payment and advice on purchase of entitlement. This is a fast moving area and it is important for farming business to plan for the future, taking advantage of all the assets available to them.


The South East of England is one of the most wooded areas of the United Kingdom and with our extensive involvement in the area we have considerable experience in the management of the woodland resource. There is a growing realisation that timber as a heat source has a considerable value and Government incentives exist in order to aid the establishment of biomass and woodchip installations. The English Woodland Grant Scheme administered by the Forestry Commission is a source of funding for this as is the Renewable Heat Incentive.

We can advise on the management of your woodlands from planting right through to harvesting and the sale of timber as well as the opportunities for diversification into sporting or leisure enterprises.

If you are interested in buying woodland to take advantage of its favourable tax treatment we are able to advise you as we handle the sale and purchase of woodlands throughout the south east.

Landlord and Tenant

Management of land and property requires expertise in the many different Landlord and Tenant Acts which govern the way that land and property is let. We have considerable expertise in advising at rent reviews and on the letting of residential and commercial properties or land. In most cases we can prepare legal agreements in agreed formats for the letting of land and property.

Rural Diversification

Farmers and estate owners have long since recognised that agriculture and forestry cannot always sustain the demands from ever increasing financial pressures and have had to look elsewhere for additional revenue. Working with you and your advisers we can bring our considerable experience to assess and appraise options for alternative enterprises that meet your individual requirements. Whether these are holiday lets, business units, equine ventures or fishing lakes, we can steer you through the options, and help secure the necessary consents.


The Telecommunications world is an ever changing one, from the heady days when a myriad of telephone companies were looking to establish masts on land we are now faced with a much smaller number of multinational companies who are amalgamating their sites and addressing the changing requirements for the 3G and new 4G networks backed by a new Act of Parliament. We have the expertise and experience to advise you in the management of these sites and both rental and sale values.